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Kids today are growing up in scary times. Our children & teens are more stressed & anxious than ever before, and no wonder! All one has to do is read the paper or turn in the TV or read social media posts.

What I Wish You Knew Conversations with Teens addresses the stress of kids growing up in the world today. It is about what they may be experiencing or feeling, how to get kids to talk to you and how to respond to them when they do. All parents want to help & protect their children, but most don’t know how to initiate serious conversations with them. 

This glimpse into the diaries of real kids leads to discussion openers about topics such as stress, family problems, school, sex and sexuality, gender identification, racial discrimination, violence, school shootings, the media, teasing, bullying, cyberbullying, body image, drinking, drugs, healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, rape, pregnancy, money and privilege and the lack of it, hope for the future and more.

This unique new book is about the importance of having ongoing dialogue with children and teens. It makes it easy to open conversations about some "hard to start" subjects. It includes teens' "Advice to Adults" and is meant to be read by, not only parents, but also teachers, school psychologists, social workers, coaches, clergy, neighbors, friends and anyone who works with and cares about children and adolescents.




Too often what passes for real communication is some variation of, “How was your day?”   “Fine.”   “Good.”

We can do better than this.


Select one of the remarks below that were written by real kids. Instead of “How was your day?” try discussing one of these subjects  with your child and see where the conversation takes you,  

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ALL proceeds from the sale of What I Wish You Knew Conversations with Teens will be donated to organizations that help families through challenging times, a different organization each month. 


Its purpose is simply to encourage dialogue about important and difficult matters in families, schools, therapeutic settings and everywhere communication is important.

By buying this book you are Making  a Difference.