It seems that the word I hear most often lately is "unprecedented." There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times, And there is no doubt that I am not the only one who wants to do whatever I can to make a difference in any way that I can. 


I created What I Wish You Knew Conversations with Teens in honor of Judy Krizmanic Weingarten, our daughter in law who died far too young of cancer. Judy was a wonderful wife, mother and daughter, a friend to everyone and a gifted writer. She was exceptionally aware of the importance and value of communication and knew that the use of just a few words could speak volumes. Her illness necessitated many difficult conversations in her family.


The purpose of my book, with its Verbal Rorschach approach, is to encourage dialogue about important and difficult matters in families, schools, therapeutic settings and everywhere communication is important. It addresses the stress of kids growing up in the world today. It is about what they may be experiencing or feeling, how to get kids to talk to you and how to respond to them when they do. 

For all families who are experiencing problems they never imagined,
all proceeds of
 What I Wish You Knew Conversations with Teens 
will be donated to organizations that help families through challenging times,
a different organization added each month.

MAY 2020

Angelique Ndamage, yours is truly a Story to Tell and I am touched and humbled that you shared it with me. You might not know it, but you were a great impetus for me to found  WHAT I WISH YOU KNEW CONVERSATIONS.

At this time of the Global Pandemic and the shortage of food to so many, your generosity will make a profound difference to people we will never meet. You were a genocide survivor and know what is like to be hungry,

In your honor, all proceeds of the sale of our book will be donated to the organization that you chose,

TREES THAT FEED FOUNDATION  http://www.treesthatfeed.org

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Join me in trying to Make a Difference in the lives of others 
by supporting this growing list of causes.

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