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Our children and teens are more stressed and anxious than ever before and no wonder! All one has to do lately is read the paper or turn on the TV.

What I Wish You Knew Conversations®: Advice to Parents and Other Adults addresses the stress, anxiety and far too real fears of children and teens growing up in the world today. It is about communicating and connecting, about how to get kids to open up about what they may be experiencing and feeling. This deceptively simple book is not so simple. It gives parents and other adults tools they need to initiate serious and important conversations with children and teens.

You will learn how to get your kids to talk to you.

And how to respond to them when they do.


Too often what passes for real communication is some variation of, "How was your day?"     "Fine"     "Good"     We can do better than this. The remarks below were written by real kids. Try discussing one with your child. Talk about the issue on the page. The goal is not to have the same opinion. It is to give voice to teens who too often keep their feelings to themselves, and to get to know one another better in the process.



is a licensed social worker, educator mother and grandmother. Her passion is intergenerational communication and encouraging meaningful dialogue in families. The idea for writing “What I Wish You Knew Conversations” was born from an unusual personal experience.

MARIANA GLUSMAN, MD   is a pediatrician, author and advocate for children’s literacy. She is President of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Medical Director and Board Chair of Reach Out and Read, Illinois.

LAURA THOMPSON has been involved in "What I wish You Knew Conversations" since it's inception. She has spent the last decade working on innovation. Laura was an early product lead at Google X. Laura  is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Brown University and a trustee at Glide, a nonprofit on the front lines of social justice work.


VICTORIA SANDLER, MD  participated in an essay contest on mental health advocacy as a teen. Thereafter, and throughout her professional medical training, she has been involved in a number of initiatives highlighting the unique challenges that modern adolescents and young adults face.



A deceptively simple way to open conversations about important subjects is to discuss topics such as the ones that are brought up in the writings below.

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